Wedding of Prince Joachim & Miss Marie Cavallier (Part II)

The groom arrives

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  1. creature57 says:

    Its lovely to see men getting emotional on their wedding day. It should be normal but for some, they hold it in to more ‘manly’. These Danish men are real men to show their emotions. Lovely!

  2. Kemikaza84 says:

    @firmingitup In Denmark, a real man is a man who can cry.

  3. lababoc says:

    why marry again ? it puzzles me

  4. MyFreedomChannel says:

    Question … Does this Royal Family marry “commoners’ or do they marry people who may be distant relatives (i.e. Princess Diana was said to have been an 11th cousin to Prince Charles). And do they marry those with whom they love, or just for the sake of carrying on the Monarchy?

    Hope I haven’t offended anyone. I’m just curious.

  5. sprinklefriend says:

    i agree.

    and i love how when Prince Nikolai is trying to tell him something while they stand at the front, Prince Joachim bends down to his level.

  6. sprinklefriend says:

    i think Prince Nikolai takes after his mom with the Hong Kong blood, and Prince Felix looks more “Danish” to me. amazing how they have the same parents yet look so different in pictures.

  7. MissJagUR says:

    Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve discovered they’re in fact 1/8 Czech, 1/8 Austrian, 1/8 British, 1/8 Chinese, 1/4 French and 1/4 Danish! (although the 1/4 Danish may in fact be 1/8 Danish and 1/8 Swedish) Quite an interesting mix.

  8. SarahLee1 says:

    No they are like 1/8 Chinese, with Austrian from their maternal grandmother, and British/Chinese from their maternal grandfather.

  9. MissJagUR says:

    Joachim’s sons are 1/4 English and 1/4 Chinese.

  10. emilblaster says:

    It sucks AZZ !!!!!

  11. firmingitup says:

    I really like the Danish royal family. Try to imagine Charles walking to a church holding Harry and William’s hands when they were little boys. They are all very loving and affectionate toward their family members, and I love that.

  12. tanto1948 says:

    This man is not only just regal BUT also “classy” in the way he conducts himself

  13. buffalosabres4thecup says:

    its very respectable that the Prince has such an excellant relationship with his ex-wife, and that his sons are such a big part of his wedding, a true gentleman

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