Unexpected Love One-Shot Part 2

Part Two Joe’s POV I sighed and sat in my seat as I continued to glance at my watch watching as it slowly moved around, even though it felt like I had been sitting here for half an hour it had only been about five minutes, which of course pissed me off. “Dude…stop looking at your watch you’ll be fine,” Kevin said as I shook my head and drummed my fingers on the table hating being here. I looked over at the other table where a bunch of Danielle’s cousins were sitting watching me as they giggled and flirted with me. I gave them a fake smile and a slight nod before I turned back to looking around the room I looked at my watch again and then waited and waited. “Come on…let’s go make this hour go faster,” I mumbled to myself as I looked around the room. “You okay their Joe,” Nick asked me as I nodded my head. “Yeah I’m…great,” I said to Nick covering up the fact that I was bored as hell right now. He nodded his head and walked off with his older and taller girlfriend Delta as I shook my head and then looked back at my watch again seeing that it had only been a few minutes since the last time I checked it. I continued to tap my fingers on the table and waited, of course the speeches hadn’t come up yet and right now I had a feeling that it was going to be past the hour, which means I wouldn’t be here to give one. I groaned and continued to tap my fingers only moving them faster until I looked at my watch again and sighed, “two more minutes…won’t kill me to leave early

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  1. NesreenAdieh says:

    plz make another one so funny how she gave him a fake name :D

  2. kittycatangel99 says:

    Aww awesome

  3. MsPeaceAndLove23 says:

    Lol That was soo cute !! Loved it :)

  4. JemiStillinMe says:

    LOL that was so cute! how they met!! ;) cayutee

  5. demilovatolover102 says:

    Lol!! When she said star I was like “What!!! I thought this was a Jemi one shot” Hahahaha!! =D

  6. annelielove says:

    ha that is soo how i met your mother i just watched this epi a few weeks ago

  7. denissepmp says:

    yayay i bet he’s staying now :D more please please :D

  8. LOVATiCLOVER says:

    LOLOL now you want to stay, huh Joe? hehehehe gosh! love it ashley!

  9. xshesunbroken says:

    love this one-shot so far :D 

  10. Mikaelaification says:

    loved it

  11. bella122894 says:

    ooOoooo yay! (:
    loved it!

  12. HeartButterFlyMray says:

    amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!love it so much…
    post soooooooooooooon

  13. sassyblash says:


  14. 15jemifan says:

    aww they finally met!! love it plsssssss post more!!!!!!!! :)

  15. OhSnapItsMari says:

    love it!

  16. peacelove887 says:


  17. paranoidjonasfan10 says:

    @ehhLittleMissTitch Yeah it’s being fixed right now 

  18. paranoidjonasfan10 says:

    @CarlaPereira1302 Yeah it’s just being fixed now sorry guys

  19. Madihah667966backup2 says:

    They met! :)

  20. ddlovatoxxxx says:

    Ohh they’re gonna have slutty wedding sex ;) Hahahahaha can’t wait for the next one :)

  21. CarlaPereira1302 says:

    aww! more! :D I love it! btw, the episode of firelight & Mistletoe isn’t working :/

  22. Annshamek says:

    I love this so much.

  23. ehhLittleMissTitch says:

    i can’t read firelight & mistletoe episode 16 part 1, but this is amazing!

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