TYT – Extended Clip – April 27, 2011

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  1. minomans says:

    i like the young turks! keep up the good work!

  2. FuckingStanz says:


  3. booty1983 says:

    I thought this as a disgusting display of my countrymen. Not about Obama releasing his birth certificate, but the pure fact that he had to for whatever reason (other then getting his driver’s license). Why? And this whole thing about his grades? Disgusting. These are disgusting arguments, made by disgusting people.

  4. omga14 says:

    It’s “Public School”. Doesn’t that mean that it is available to the PUBLIC. People keep saying that you should do for your own. Succeed on your own merits and not seek hand outs. She put her child in a school that would provide the education for him to succeed on his own.

  5. omga14 says:

    I truly wonder what Obama will be like if he should win the next election. Will he go full bore since he cannot by law be elected again? If he does I wonder what the Republicans will do to try and dismiss his validity as President. I just hate the 2 party system that we live in now. Idiots that just want to support their party rather than work on issues to better OUR country. That means every citizen, politician or not.

  6. theworm1244 says:

    @likecrunchyness lmao so true

  7. PetarAtanasov87 says:

    @TheTruthNJ09 LOL you are so arrogant you don’t even consider that there is a 0.00001% chance that you are wrong.First of all i am not American and i don’t live in America and i could not care less about Obama’s birth.Second give me 10 thousand dollars and i will show you how to buy American citizenship.

  8. TheTruthNJ09 says:


    you’re sounding like orly taitz & trump

  9. DanishAtheist says:

    so….killing horses = bad
    killing cows, chickens, pigs = awesome

  10. PetarAtanasov87 says:

    @TheTruthNJ09 I didn’t say it is fake i said i don’t know but it’s possible to make a fake one if you have money and political power.

  11. sicklesickle says:

    I’m sorry but ana looks like an android in a wheelchair today.

  12. TheTruthNJ09 says:


    The HOSPITAL verified it. So I guess now the hospital is lying too, huh?

  13. likecrunchyness says:

    I bet Trump went home and jacked off to videos of his own press conference. God that man’s a race-baiting dick.

  14. dorkydevil says:

    i love the picture of cenk that was the thumbnail to this video

  15. RedShadow238 says:

    20 fucking minutes of talking about the birth certificate nonsense, 20 minutes.

  16. Tripp393 says:

    @zythepsarian I son’t!

  17. PetarAtanasov87 says:

    I am not taking any sides but If he wasn’t born in America how hard do you think it would be to make a fake one?Again i don’t say this is the case but i am just saying that if someone have money it’s very easy to make a birth certificate.

  18. manonthemount says:

    Does anybody else see the irony that the rich would rather imprison people for 20 years, guaranteeing food, shelter, and health care, rather than have one within olfactory range?

    Instead of evading taxes but promising state-penitentiary socialism to those who attempt upward social mobility, the aristocracy should pay more taxes to improve programs that enable motivated individuals to be autonomous, productive members of society.

    Which alternative better represents a capitalist society?

  19. OcularPolitics says:

    @buddahJesus YEAH! Me too goddamit, that caught my attention! xD

  20. RaybornButtercups says:

    lol @ Cenk

    “don’t feed the trolls”

    Hmm… maybe he’s on the interwebs more than we think…

  21. doctorsikander says:

    You got to understand… Obama is a savy politician. It seems as though this long form stunt is a political chess move to give Trump more validity so as to make him a more likely republican presidential nominee so that he can easily destroy him and win his 2nd term. Check mate.

  22. russian1mafia says:

    @zythepsarian fail!

  23. sweetangelbaby04 says:

    @green0grass I agree…and who does he think he is that he has the ability…no…the privilege to get a look at the birth certificate….urgh what a blow hard.

  24. buddahJesus says:


  25. neopersia1 says:

    talk about this on MSNBC!!!!!!

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