The Way You Look Tonight – My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997) Starring: Julia Roberts, Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz, Rupert Everett Directed by PJ Hogan

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  1. Buffsak says:

    @xonecero Ps si quieres mandame msj personal me das tu correeo (la busco porque debe estar en alguna pc.. jaja) y te la mando

  2. xonecero says:

    @Buffsak HAHAH.. enserio? la subieras!

  3. dr3amlvr says:

    seven people have no admirers

  4. des55953 says:

    wow!!! they sung it so beautiful!!! so peaceful… good music to go to sleep to!!

  5. silverstreem says:

    I wish I could find this song on a soundtrack! It’s gorgeous!

  6. msP2411 says:

    this is my favorite movie in the whole world

  7. piccolalau says:

    I absolutely love michael’s face at 0:36… He is so full of pain but at the same time he is speechless because of Julienne. Adorable, my favourite movie of all the time.

  8. chelbirae says:

    Favorite part of the whole movie!

  9. dimplehyper says:

    this movie is such such a nice and heartbreaking movie….(sob, sob)

  10. APassionateListener says:

    May I suggest another version by a lady singer? Try Olivia Newton-John on her Warm and Tender album. Someone has already put it on YT. It is my favorite version of this timeless classic.
    Thank you, moviescenes4u. I love Rachel Griffiths here and her other shows, too.

  11. telmin27 says:

    Anyone knows where I can find the whole song, recorded by Cheryl Wilson? I´ve been looking for this version since the movie came out, but never found it…

  12. thozz says:

    @estebantony Cheryl Wilson, and as the song was last minute she sang both parts

  13. ditt00 says:

    @estebantony I’d like to know the female singer too

  14. estebantony says:

    @Dlovein yes, but i wanna know who´s the female singer?

  15. Dlovein says:

    @estebantony Fred Astaire, Frank Sinatra does too.

  16. Cerjakusa says:

    I cry everytime I seethis movie!!!!!!wow :( wish they makes more movies today like this one!

  17. cometomyreality says:

    “I didn’t get you a gift. However, this is on loan until you two find your song.” :”>

  18. jet9491 says:

    @pogus49455 Have you heard the Fred Astaire original? Still the best in my opinion.

  19. pogus49455 says:


    I agree this version is probably about the best… this one and Rod Stewert’s rendition. I tend to like romantic songs that are between the keys of G and Bb this one (if my ears tell me correctly) is Ab which is a beautiful key for a romantic song (Rod Stewert’s song is just a half step lower in G sounds nice too”

  20. mythicaljuls says:

    i love this part but man the audio is soo low V.V

  21. mythicaljuls says:

    this the best part of the movie

  22. mnmacdonald says:

    We are singing this in choir : D

  23. estebantony says:

    who sings this version of “The way you look tonight”? Please!!

  24. Judyannlou says:

    .. this vid just breaks my heart…lettiing go could be the most hurtful, most discreet and yet the greatest sign of love…

  25. MissusFingerBottom says:

    @nicolekyoungmi lol I youtub-ed her name. her voice’s great!

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