The best wedding tribute ‘Sugar Pie Honey Bunch’

Our wedding on the 12th March 2011: After my speech I thought i would give the guests a laugh. Three big screens dropped from the ceiling and the following clip played. This is my groomsmen and I recreating the hit ‘I cant help myself’ by the Four Tops. It had the 150 reception guest in stitches. Nobody saw it coming. Hope you like it. A big thank you to Vinh Nguyen for filming, editing and letting us use his studio. Sending out my love to my wife Kylie :)

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  1. Reroberti says:

    Wowww, great clip!
    Classic song. Congratulations!

  2. randycumes says:

    Your lipzinc is great. Hope you two are happy forever.

  3. joanneWashingtonCros says:

    So Cute! Nice to see the ‘kids’ doing a tribute to their parent’s generation song.

  4. singasongofsunshine says:

    lol great video. My hubby to be wants this played at our wedding. Congratulations to you both, hope your future together brings you a lot of joy :)

  5. DeirdreHB says:

    I LOVE, LOVE this video! I just am wishing you both, ALL the best! –Love it!

  6. peeweecee says:

    Wow that’s great!! Your timing is perfect, and as great as that is now it will be better when you show it at your 25th and 50th anniversary party! I wish my hubby did something like that at our wedding.  May you and your wife have many years of health, wealth and happiness. (p.s. you are one good looking man!)

  7. mejiacarlosg says:

    I can dig this awesome vid! It takes a real man to be cheezy and roll with it!

  8. DeChellyvision says:

    @garagediva Thankyou so much for your comment, marriage is going great :)

  9. garagediva says:

    Was looking for the four tops video and also came upon this.
    What a Sweetie you are. Hope your marriage lasts forever.

  10. Glittzgurl says:

    aww so funny haha love it

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