Sims 2 – Lizzy and Komei’s Wedding

This is the first Sims 2 video I have made, so I found it quite difficult to take pictures and record clips well, so any requests for better videos are welcome. The Church/ wedding party room was made by me (it is an all in one building). I own Sims 2 Double Deluxe which includes: Sims 2 base game, Celebration Stuff and Nightlife. I downloaded the bride’s dress quite a while ago from lianasims2.com but I’m not sure if the site is still running. All other wedding outfits are from the Celebration Stuff Pack. If anyone knows how to have more people at a wedding, please let me know. I could only have the bride, groom and parents of the bride attending with some random villagers. The Church/wedding party room is a community lot with a hack to allow Sims to marry on a community lot. I searched for a hack for this for ages until I found it but can’t remember where it’s from, sorry. If I remember I will post the link in this description. I also used other cheats such as ‘Maxmotives’ to put all the Sims’ needs to full to prevent them from falling asleep, needing the toilet at inappropriate times, etc. I also used ‘showHeadlines off’ for part of the movie which removes thought bubbles, speech bubbles and ++/– signs above the Sims’ heads. NOTE: When googling to find this cheat, I also found out this only works with Nightlife. All other cheats were also found just by googling :) Feel free to rate and comment on this video and of course subscribe. Any questions, requests, and help on
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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All Type Of Wedding Speeches Guide... Explore Here For More Details...


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  1. amyllouise says:

    @Haley111400 Thank you!

  2. Haley111400 says:

    I have all the sims and i had a problem the wont get married but i love how you did yours

  3. angel4111000 says:

    this is a really good video, one of my sims is dating one of komeis friends

  4. yolande2d says:

    Russain Beuties are there gettop5.info

  5. ktaylorrees says:

    @Sims2Fan97 you might have to manually set it to cinematic. there’s a cheat for it somewhere.

  6. brionna17624 says:

    first u have to get a better relationaship and kiss the sim motre than when it say propose engagment you click it than the sim u have is go propose to the man or gurl than u have to buy a thing that reprsents the engagment u click igt i say marriage and all the sim that live woit u or visits is go change inti wedding clothes than thats how

  7. amyllouise says:

    I think you just have to keep making them kiss, hug romantically, etc and it should eventually show up. There might even be an option where you can ask them to move in. Once they accept, it might show after that.
    Hope that helps :)

  8. HeadxStrongxGirlxx says:

    i have sims 2 double deluxe, i have 2 sims that are in pink/red hearts. how do i engage them? any time i hit it, it just said propose:sleepover
    nothing more
    please help
    great video(:

  9. waterwitch15 says:

    one of my sims married Komei once!

  10. amyllouise says:

    The engagement was just a dinner I organized in Nightlife and called it that. The other thing is an effect that was defaultly set in the game. I’m not sure what it’s called, but I think it has the word ‘cinema’ in it somewhere. :)

  11. Sims2Fan97 says:

    How did you get Komei and Lizzy to do that make-out-at-the-alter-then-close-with-half-screen thing?
    And the engagment thing, too?

  12. amyllouise says:

    I made up the wedding myself. The engagement dinner was just a normal dinner that the sims have with Nightlife.

  13. Sims2Fan97 says:

    excellent job
    Good luck to the newlyweds
    How do you get a movie thing for the wedding and engament. I have the sims 2 D.D and it doesn’t do that :(

  14. lukefishproductions says:

    wow this is a very good video :)

  15. amyllouise says:

    Yes, this is Sims 2 Double Deluxe which includes Nightlife and Celebration Stuff :)

  16. mangueramotorsports says:

    is this nightlife?

  17. amyllouise says:

    its just a normal dinner that Sims go on with the Nightlife expansion pack. I just named it that :)

  18. italianboycch says:

    how do u get an engagement dinner

  19. NAL400 says:

    x3 S’allrite

  20. amyllouise says:

    thanks very much :D 

  21. NAL400 says:

    This is great for your first try :D

  22. amyllouise says:

    thanks :) 

  23. XxBadAngelzxX says:

    great video

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