Second Life Wedding

Groom: RatzTale Fhang Bride: Netra Emms Best Man: Rayne Yedmore Maid of Honor: Stephany Renfold Groomsmen: Lysander Ashbourne Galatea Ametza Bobby Gnome Atore Enzo Bridesmaids: Siobhan Fearne Danielle Raabe Kittaleen Sweetwater Lexy Wilder Minister: Tiffany Biedermann Wedding Planner: Allison Gufler Location: Love Knot Weddings…… Chapel: paradise Music: David Lanz: Theme From Pachelbel’s Cannon in D Minor Lonestar: Amazed

All Type Of Wedding Speeches Guide... Explore Here For More Details...
All Type Of Wedding Speeches Guide... Explore Here For More Details...


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  1. twilight538 says:

    how do u get married on sl i just joined today and i have a bf but prop is if herpropases idk where get a dress or the place

  2. billieatterberry says:

    that dress was so beautiful where did you get it, i am getting married in sl and would love a dress like that

  3. YourDigitalNation says:

    Hello, I am from PBS Frontline Digital Nation and would love to speak to you more about this virtual wedding, please email me! Thanks! Ramona

  4. YourDigitalNation says:

    I’m from PBS Frontline Digital Nation, please write me back – -would love to talk to you more about this virtual wedding and second life! Thanks!

  5. truemythos says:

    OMG Angela love it — many thanks for the time and work you put into on this — damn my vows look long LMAO. Happiest day though. :)

    Ratz =^.^=

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