My wedding speech for my sister

My wedding / toast speech for my sister, Emma. October 22, 2005 — Due to popular demand, here’s a copy of the speech: — Good evening. For those who don’t know who I am, I’m the bride’s favorite brother. And although I’m not much into speeches as well or any form of public speaking for that matter, I’m here to say a few words to my sister. Coco… you know I don’t like doing things like this. And how I usually get you to do these types of things for me. But you’ve always inspired me to do great things and I’ve always looked up to you (not literally cuz you’re shorter than me). But this speech won’t be that great, since I couldn’t get you to edit it for me, like you normally do with most of my stuff that I write, but hopefully it’ll be fine. This whole wedding thing didn’t hit me until last night when I started thinking how sad it will be when you finally leave for California and how empty the house will be without you. I think most siblings would have killed each other by now after having lived together for a few months, let alone a few years. Although we came close to killing each other several times, it worked out because of our closeness, our openness, and because Mom’s always said that no matter what, we have to watch out for each other since it’s just the two of us. I just want to take a few minutes to tell you about some of the things I’ll miss by not having you around… I’ll miss: – when you introduce me to your friends… new friends, old friends…. You always
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  1. roughryder5 says:

    Havent teared up in years…this has done it (y)

  2. karensummerton says:

    Great Speech, check mine out

  3. bganightfire says:

    that was one powerfull speech.. like .. i was geting to the point of crying. and i hate crying.

  4. bklynlyrix says:

    Great Job! I lost my older sister a couple years ago, and never had the chance to tell her how important she was to me. It was a sad point in my life that has taught me a lesson. I will never ever forget to tell someone how important they are and how much I love them. I’m sure your sister will never forget those words.

  5. kingi1011 says:

    Awww tht was cute! But I dnt thnk I’m gnna write a speech for ani of my sisters because they think they are gangstered! Hahahahaha

  6. kornfreaak21 says:

    aw i have to write a speach for my bros wedding! i dont know what to write!

  7. starzluv100 says:

    @wynn828 srry about you brother I cant tell you Ik how it is to loose a brother but I can emjain because I get chills somethimes when my brother comes home late

  8. starzluv100 says:

    I dnt think I’ve ever cryed when hearing a speech by your speech has trolly tuched my heart and made me relize how great it is to have my older brother and my little brother in my life! Congrads to your sister and new brother in-law I hope to give a speech as great as that to my brothers one day

  9. COHneger says:


  10. nimireu says:

    thanks so much for sharing…… u r really a very nice brother…. ur sister is very lucky to have a brother like u

  11. pirtee says:

    this is some good material

  12. dadzchokri says:

    oh man… that was beautiful. i have a younger brother and we’re staying together cuz we go to the same college. every single thing you said you were gonna miss about her, my and my bro do the same thing! :) you’re an amazing brother and i cried throughout the whole speech. she’s so lucky to have you in her life! God bless

  13. cabotribe says:

    amazingly beautiful!

  14. 786tazz says:

    sisters live in brothers hearts

  15. cbugirl88 says:

    sweetest speech ever! :’)

  16. atomick66 says:

    Good job man!

  17. bestmanadvice says:

    well prepared!

  18. keith2882 says:

    @wynn828 ssssdd

  19. rkariman12 says:

    My sister is getting married this week end and I cannot attend her wedding due to unforeseen circumstances. This speech really inspired me. Thank you.

  20. atlantisb34 says:

    Naww.. that made me tear up!

  21. ai3711 says:

    best speach ever.

  22. tony26bkk says:

    u r so cute and hot!!

  23. bew2005 says:

    thank you for sharing this….amazing speech..

    i’m an older sister and i have to say… she’s lucky to have you!

  24. mrsAmortell says:

    u made me cry and think of my lil brother. hes is one of five kids, the other four girls. im glad to have a bond with him as u do with your sis. u r so sweet!

  25. blueliner011 says:


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