Muslim Wedding | Bangkok | Ayesha & Nizar

It was a wonderful 3-day wedding celebration for Nizar and Ayesha here at Bangkok together with their 200 family and friends who flew in from all over the world. This newly-wed has loads of charisma and personality that rock the house. Nizar, being a talented scriptwriter-cum-rapper groom, has added some creative idea into their wedding festivities, by adding a fusion touch to the Sangeet. On the other hand, Ayesha being the smart, gorgeous, humble and all the beautiful traits from her parents, has never fail to warmth the guests with her sweet smile. The entire wedding was awesome, with Nizar rocked the Sangeet with his band’s LIVE rap performances, Khalid’s (bride’s father) attention to detail for planning such a great wedding, in which he had specially arranged 2 of the best performances in Bangkok (the Puppet show and the Thousand Hands show) for the Reception entertainment and the river cruise dinner. Khalid and Viji (Ayesha’s parents) has done so much for their daughter’s wedding, and in fact, as Ayesha said in her speech, they have given her a fairytale wedding. Our wishes go out to the newly-weds and may they live a happy life together as husband and wife. Cheers!

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All Type Of Wedding Speeches Guide... Explore Here For More Details...


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  1. MissOman says:

    aaaaaaawwwwww <3
    I wish them a blessed life inshalla ^.^
    and i wana get maaaarriedddd <3

  2. JL0vely says:

    dang i wonder how much they paid for this wedding…looks amazing and expensive LOL

  3. Sakeena4life says:

    none od the female guests or the bride are in hijab.

  4. sbyw says:

    Yes..he is Palestinian Arab American Muslim. She is Indian Muslim. They met in CA, where he lives and married in Thailand where her parents live. Both are competing in beauty of body and soul, as well as kindness. Their lovely wedding was as spectacular as the two are. mabruk.

  5. tigerseye4 says:

    do they both come from muslim families? or did the guy convert to islam, cause he looks white… ? i havent seen many european muslims before ^^

    the girl is so pretty ^^ hope they are happy forever

  6. vipalaa1 says:

    alf mabrouuuk )

  7. anangera says:

    ألف مبروك لأهل البلد وين ما كانوا!

    بارك الله لكما وبارك عليكما وجمع بينكما في خير!

  8. shgaraha says:

    mabrokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk 10000 mabrokkkkkkkkk
    ahmad gara jatt 

  9. justyounises says:

    May they Live a Happy life Together <3 <3 X)

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