Mrs. Smith and Bridesmaid’s Big Surprise Wedding Dance

See the STORY & SONG DETAILS: www.squidoo.com Talia and Xavier Smith’s Wedding reception. The bridesmaids & Talia put on a surprise dance for the guests. Bigger surprise ending…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. athya78 says:

    J’adore :) )) Si quelqu’un pouvait me donner le titre de cette musique & l’artiste svp !  I like, good idea and very funny :) What is the title and artist of the song if you like it? Thanks

  2. CatToes13 says:


  3. TheFauxFree says:

    which version of the song is this? trying to find it! love it, great job!

  4. kbnrkteresa says:

    I dont leave alot of comments but this 1 i had to! WOW loved the whole thing but the end was the best, i had tears in my eyes from that! thanx and I’m glad you all had a great time. Wish you the best of luck

  5. xVintagexSiyonax17 says:

    whats the name of this song?

  6. heyheyheyitskaye says:

    Random man laughing in the back! Lmfao

  7. wedprodotnet says:

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  8. hpmaikin says:

    what the name of that song?

  9. preciousCece says:

    Nothing more beautiful than the bride and her girls having a blast on the most important day of her life!!! Congrats girls, great video!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  10. TheGabsterrr says:

    hahaha Love the ending!!!!

  11. drodriguez1630 says:

    awsome i love it!!!!!!XD

  12. JazzyFedora says:

    “has that ever been done before” – hahahaha

  13. 1firemoon says:

    haha the spelling of the last name was great thinking!!

  14. itmustbeyouxo says:

    great dance. how old were you then when you got married?

  15. lysterjays says:


  16. pperalta07 says:

    hahaha that was amazing….

  17. raver619 says:

    mmm barefeet

  18. animelovintexasgirl says:

    I love it.It was really funny!

  19. bocaknights1 says:

    Good thing they didn’t get out of order and spell “SHIT M”

  20. ddabs78 says:

    This is so funny and shows how much fun the bride and her bridesmaids are! lol

  21. oudhye says:

    what song is this

  22. analisbahwahda says:

    lol good work on that smith thing lool gd luck

  23. jasrogg says:

    God damn i love these videos.

  24. MusikAufschneider says:

    Musikschnitt / Musikbearbeitungen für Hochzeitstänze, Showeinlagen, Schautänze …
    auf “der-ben.de” unter MUSIKSCHNITT

  25. Goldeneye82888 says:

    HA that is SO AWESOME!!!! did you do the coreography talia?

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