Mother and Son Wedding Song ”A Perfect Mother and Son Wedding Song”- DJ Jerry Beck Says

For more info about obtaining this New Mother Son Wedding Song USE THIS LINK BELOW to obtain A ”STUDIO QUALITYDIGITAL DOWNLOAD’ AND CDs of this ‘Perfect Mother Son Wedding Dance Song’ wedalert.com You can also contact us for our ‘WEDDING SEASON SPECIALS’ for this terrific mother son song at EMAIL: OnThisDay@comcast.net “On This Day” An Original Mother Son Wedding Song Music written and performed by Steve Zuccarello. Lyrics by Steve Zuccarello and Denise Christinzio. Vocal performance by Mr. Christian Barnes. (C) Copyright 2005 As Posted on Professional DJ Sites by DJ Jerry Beck Hello fellow DJ’s, “I want to share a gem that I came across. I did a wedding where the groom was in search of the perfect Mother Son song. I made some suggestion but none were the “perfect fit” according to the groom. He then told me that he heard a song on the Internet that described he and his mother to the tee. He remembered the song title was “On This Day”. I told him that I would research and try and find the song if at all possible. With a little searching I found the song on YouTube. I then contacted the email address that was listed on the video and immediately someone got back to me! I want to step back to the point when I heard the song on Youtube. That is where the magic was! The song is hands down the best Mother and Son song I have EVER heard! Definitely rivals the tried and true like “Dear Mama” by Boyz II Men, What a wonderful world etc. If you want to hear the song you can go to
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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All Type Of Wedding Speeches Guide... Explore Here For More Details...


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  1. emmiesmama2 says:

    Whats ur website

  2. dirtbikebabie420 says:

    awwwwww i love this song if my son played this for me i would so cry

  3. jonpaulevans says:

    AS a Dj I am offended that this website and similar songs on the site cost 6 fucking dollars. I rip the shitty version from youtube – and if i ever have to buy it – i’ll post it on every website for other DJs to download for free. thanks for promoting and encouraging pirated music

  4. jonpaulevans says:

    @226dino – he made history by making the shittiest song ever. What a FAG

  5. jonpaulevans says:


  6. carlamoonie10 says:

    OMG’sh you have a beeeaaauutiful voice!!!

  7. alchristinzio0619 says:

    @jenn197810 —Hi Jennifer, you can go to our website to see heat our song options are. you can find the webpage link by xlinging on the” show more” sords below the video.

    Thank you for your interest.

  8. jenn197810 says:

    I need a cd copy of this song asap please how can I purchase it. Thank you jennifer

  9. MinisterLynne says:

    I just want to say that Mothers love their sons just as much as their daughters- and during the wedding brides to be should not be threatend at all. Although this is “her” day please allow the groom and his mother to have a public dance or something that will signify a respectful launch towards the future and a “thank you” to his mother. It is a terrible feeling knowing you’ve been shut out of the proccess as well as an honorable thank you. This is an important song.

  10. alchristinzio0619 says:


    Thank you so much for posting this comment. We all are happy that the song worked so well for your brother and your mom. We also appreciate your support and spreading the word about our song.

    Al Christinzio

  11. Lissa2548 says:

    I just wanted to say that we got this song for my brothers wedding day it was his surprise to my mom and she was crying so hard when they danced to it. I send anyone looking for a mother son song to this song. It gave us the best memories of that day, Thank you ever so much.

  12. teamdale21 says:

    We need a copy of this song by Friday how can I get it????

  13. jmcginnis1015 says:

    Great song! Could I have a link to purchase this for a wedding I’m DJing next weekend? Thanks!

  14. dunnie70 says:

    beautiful song, i will be sending you an email

  15. alchristinzio0619 says:


    Hi Mr Dale, I don’t know why you didn’t a response email because I respond to every email I receive from our customers. Please try me again at OnThisDay@comcast.net

    Thank you

    Al Christinzio

  16. MrDale10rac says:

    please send me the link to get this song. I emailed already, no response. Please help

  17. alchristinzio0619 says:


    Hi You can email us directly at OnThisDay@comcast.net and we will send you the link to our MEDIA-WEB PAGE

  18. ispriggani says:

    Plz if you can send me a message through youtuve with the link on what i need to do to get this song

  19. ispriggani says:

    Im getting married next year n i would love to dance this song with my mother ill get with you asap

  20. oricleferret says:

    how do i get this song. I have been hunting for a song for the mother son dance at my wedding July 30th and this is perfect. Please tell me. oricleferret@hotmail.com

  21. oricleferret says:

    My wedding is at the end of the month. How do i get this song it’s perfect for my fiancĂ© to dance with mom email me please oricleferret@hotmail.com

  22. felicia080109 says:

    omg I love it. I cried the whole time. lol Its something my son would say to me when hes is a man! Beautiful is all i can really say.

  23. newyorkwf38 says:

    This song is very beautiful…My son is getting married and we have been looking for a song I think we finally found it. Thank you..Could you also send me a link where I can get this song? newyorkwf31@hotmail.com

  24. alchristinzio0619 says:

    We are very happy that you love our song. I did email you already with the link to all the info you need to get our song in whichever format you want. Thank you for your interest and nice compliment.

  25. MrChattam3 says:

    i love it…my wedding is in september, please let me know how to get a copy.my email is jpoi396957@aol.com

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