Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen… (Part 2)

Many Are Called, Few Are Chosen…*All Shall Be Saved. The First Harvest Shall Be Lowly…The Second, Plenteous. From Letters From God and His Christ 11/12/06 From Our Lord and Savior, Jesus The Christ – A Letter Given to Timothy, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear ~ I have always loved you. Even from the beginning, I have loved you… I am your Maker, your Carpenter, your Father. Let go, beloved, let go of your pride, let go of this world, let go and come to Me in Truth… Your salvation is assured. I know all, who are in My Kingdom, given Me of The Father. I know who all of you are, I know who you are to become. Hear Me, beloved. Turn not to the right, nor the left, stay focused on Me… I am the Truth, the Way and the Life, the Path you must follow. I do not change… I am the same yesterday, today and all tomorrows to come. What I have written let no man change. Rather, follow Me as I have said and not as you would have Me say. Keep The Father’s commandments, as He had written them in stone by His own finger… In number, ten. Keep them all, remember them all, and do them according to how they are written, not as man has rewritten them, and it shall be credited unto you for righteousness. I have freed you from the curse of the Law; I have not freed you from obedience to the Law. Rather, I have given you the means, by My own Spirit, to keep the Law. Oh beloved, why do you not understand My speech? Why do you not love Me? Why have you lost the desire to follow Me? My
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  1. HannahsCry says:

    … wow … God bless you for uploading this … cuts straight through to the heart. May I examine my ways and thoughts. Forgive me Lord.

  2. 71Warrior4Jesus says:

    I may do a video on this if the Lord tells me to. I had a rapture prep / dream vision earlier this week. In that dream or vision each Christian was stopping each other saying “get ready are you rapture ready?” if not get rapture ready get ready. I am serious… I had that dream or I mean vision. It was clear and soo real. I am soooo serious ~ Tony

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