Maid of Honor Speech/Rap – Mandy Tied the Knot!

Chorus When the rings on her finger ma, Mandy tied the knot (3x) When she bought the white dress ma, Mandy tied the knot (3x) And she married the right dude, Mandy tied the knot (3x) He’s got Mandy on his arm and they got the best bond And they’re rollin in the Lexus cause they got it going on Shes a nice girl, She had big dreams Met her in 2000, at Tsunamis We went to Eastern, stayed best friends We both met Nick, we were cool then The nights, out drinking on the kegs Too much fun like people always said We could hypnotize you, thinking we were in bed Sneaking out the window, that’s how we got ahizzead Cougar with the beat, crusin in the street With the girls make you scream Bia B rollin deep So don’t try to act like we weren’t cute rocking all of mandys fits Trying to make it fit Bandanas what a mess, we should trash that fit We can laugh about it, wait a second Mizandy, I love you my sis And think before you kill me for rapping don’t dis Chorus Nick’s a gangsta, but Mandy knew that Bought her a fat rock, know he had to do that He keeps her in line only man she abide But Nick don’t do a dance and slide, that’ll make a stranger cry Ain’t no other day to say he love you everyway Especially on your one and only wedding day ….8 1 3 Volz WEDDING I cant fake I’m happy as first she carried Now I cant believe my eyes my best friend got married From all your friends hope Nick treats you right Cause it’s death do you part for the rest of your lives So turn up the sizzle, don’t
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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All Type Of Wedding Speeches Guide... Explore Here For More Details...

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