Jimmy Carr, 12th Greatest Comedian

Jimmy Carr on some Channel4 show called 100 best stand ups or some such. Their order most mostly rubbish, but seeing this, especially the shagger joke, reminds me I must see this man live. Linked to this blog post www.sevitz.com

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  1. easrth says:


  2. ShahnamPersia says:

    Please tell me Ricky Gervais was on top 5 lol

  3. urcritic says:

    Jimmy Carr is in my top three standups, along with Bill Hicks and George Carlin

  4. 2008tmnt says:

    @ciaracustard he was 69. and i’m not being a smart arse, he seriously was. it’s the only. reason i remember it

  5. NICKvavavoomCAREY says:

    @thewilloffire08 easily arguably the best stand up ever (Bill Hicks)

  6. TheMixedUpMusicNut says:

    Jimmy Carr should not of even made the top 50, I will be shocked if he is around in ten years time he sucks.

  7. MrThekop22 says:

    @ciaracustard Russell Brand came 22nd

  8. tristessa56079 says:

    FYI I don’t find Lee Mack funny, you complete cretin. Don’t pretend you know all about me just because I like Jimmy Carr’s comedy. It’s a personal taste, maybe not yours, but hey,if we all agreed the world would be a boring place.

  9. obnoxiousbastard says:

    @Albran haw haw haw haw quite right, comic GENIUS !

  10. obnoxiousbastard says:

    @tristessa56079 You have not taste. Bet you think Jack Whitehall and Lee Mac are HILARIOUS

  11. obnoxiousbastard says:

    Jesus, this guy is such a tool. Same agency that forces Jack Whitehouse on us. There are plenty of better comics out there why do they feed us these reprobates.

  12. dennoow says:

    I’m a huge fan of Bill Hicks and George Carlin, but this guy is something else, he’s just funnier!

  13. Xanatos712 says:

    @thewilloffire08 George Carlin talks about similar stuff.

  14. tommyjnr says:

    @sevitzdotcom george carlin is similar aswell

  15. Jmaloney8 says:

    who was number 1 ? :)

  16. lauramwynne says:

    @thewilloffire08 bill maher

  17. cjnovo15 says:

    hey who came first?:O

  18. 00utub00 says:

    ‘Slow children’ – fucking LOL

  19. sevitzdotcom says:

    @thewilloffire08 Bill Hicks.

  20. thewilloffire08 says:

    does anybody know the name of the american comedian who does alot about american poltics,like a bit about operation desert storm

  21. andyf2280 says:

    @redvboy Stewart Lee

  22. m2k4 says:

    @ciaracustard He was number 69 (I wonder why?!)

  23. redvboy says:

    jimmy is the number one comedian hands down. if you can tell me of a better comedian still in the biz let me know.

  24. Lesley1000 says:

    i agree. my fav for delivery and caustic humour. brilliant

  25. Myung13 says:

    #1 for me

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