Indian and American Fusion Wedding – August 28th 2010 – Dj Naveen Productions

Dj Naveen Productions Presents Indian and American Fusion Wedding Indianapolis Marriott North Hotel David – Bride Jyoti – Groom August 28th 2010 250 people Hindu Wedding, Christian Wedding, and Fusion Reception We provided the following 1. Dj and MC for the both ceremonies and the reception 2. LED up lighting during wedding and reception 3. Confetti Cannons and full light and laser show with haze for the reception Contact us for all your event needs Thanks to Anil Relan for providing the beautiful mandap. Photo by Cindy Wagner and her company. Food was local to Indianapolis. The staff at the Marriott were great to work with! Dj Naveen Productions 248 797 9707
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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All Type Of Wedding Speeches Guide... Explore Here For More Details...


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  1. TutorialsEz says:


  2. thePrieta says:

    Thanks so much.  You have no idea how insane i was driving myself because i could not remember where i heard this song.

  3. naveen4nse says:

    @thePrieta – Prieta – Its from the movie slumdog millionaire – the name of the song is Latika’s Theme

  4. thePrieta says:

    what is the name of the song that is playing when the bride is walking in?

  5. bluetopaz04 says:

    very nice, i see there is no wash light on to the dance floor itself, or may be it was not on just when you took the video, with little wash, absolute superb setup i’ll say, very clean naveen

  6. A1partydjs says:

    i got a suggestion for u , with double skrim king , use some velcro to join then so theres no gap in the front

  7. vinnievegas2000 says:

    @naveen4nse You’ve got David labeled Bride and Jyoti, the Groom.

  8. naveen4nse says:

    @vinnievegas2000 – VV – what do you mean switch the description around?? – thanks for the kind words – yes – chicken dance and HP – we do not play much but you have to play what the client wants and in this case the groom’s grandmother wanted both of them!

  9. vinnievegas2000 says:

    Nice gig log, Naveen! I haven’t played Hokey Pokey in a while either, but if the crowd wants to hear Cheese, you better put on a smile and serve it up. It’s ALL about the people and what they want to hear.
    Top marks for this gig log, my brother.
    * Switch your Bride and Groom’s desciption around though.
    DJ VinnieVegas

  10. SaenzEntertainment says:

    Naveen you always have some cool set ups! I always enjoy watching your work. Awesome job!

  11. naveen4nse says:

    @directsound - thanks MM – you are the 1st to comment – glad you enjoyed it!

  12. directsound says:

    Cool event !!!way to go

    DJ Mikey Mike

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