Humorous Best Man Speech

www.classicspeeches.com This would have to be the funniest best mans speech I’ve ever heard…The audience was in stitches the whole time.

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All Type Of Wedding Speeches Guide... Explore Here For More Details...


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  1. nimalikamanjula says:

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  2. rustydeathpipe says:

    @genesisinvain hes a kiwi

  3. bestmanadvice says:

    are those barrels of alcohol behind you?

  4. beckeegirl1 says:

    OMG This was hysterical!! I love the accent! What is it??

  5. SoccerMU20 says:

    all of these speeches steal the same lines. Kind of lame in my opinion.

  6. goosebry says:

    @god1058, glad you like it… it’s getting pretty old now, but you can get 20 different speeches, loads of jokes and toasts and heaps of help, all FREE too at my web site classicspeeches it’s been around for years!

    good luck with your speech mate, I’m sure it will be well received.

  7. god1058 says:

    @goosebry This is absolutley brilliant my man! Any tips for me, I have 1 week left :(

  8. genesisinvain says:

    @mrsym0r Hes Australian.

  9. kenf1ott says:

    can’t understand a word of it. but what I do understand, isn’t funny. at all

  10. TeabellyProductions says:

    Please click on my profile for a TRULY AWESOME AND FUNNY speech video!

  11. robbiemcmillen says:

    good one.if you like that i have just uploaded mine its robbies grooms speech.

  12. pauldec10 says:

    I have heard this same speech over and over again. It is a common one he ripped off from the web.

  13. RainbowEvent says:

    Stopped watching after 30 seconds, you can barely hear him speak ffs !!! And no, I have no problem with the english language…

  14. Octagon332 says:

    Good speech, I’ll be using some of these next weekend.

  15. Edd1873 says:

    used a couple of the jokes in my speech yesterday it went down well

    so here’s to the wonders of the internet


  16. sticky4891 says:

    something like he can barely hear himself speak…

  17. jwul004 says:

    saw the same jokes from the other youtube speeches. ah, the blessings of youtube

  18. mstr40oz says:

    He said “plagiarism is a crime but well…”uck it with an “F” in front, because im engrish and ill stuff”. Yeah abilities….abilities….yadada. Meant to be, “awe” “awe” booooooo!

  19. adriandep says:

    wow these BM speeches on youtube are exactly the same jokes

  20. 4434adrian says:

    nearly word for word like the other I just listened to.

  21. bluebell88 says:

    definitely an awesome speech, congrats!

  22. pickleboy23 says:


    I slept with that girl in white 2 weeks ago.

    She was brilliant :)

  23. jamesh9173 says:

    brilliant speach, i was a best man i was shitting myself and i used some of this speach and i had the room in bits!!!!

  24. teddyboysmith2 says:

    some of its hard to hear ?

  25. TodaysB34st says:


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