Funniest Best Man Speech

A really funny best man speech by Ollie at our wedding.

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All Type Of Wedding Speeches Guide... Explore Here For More Details...


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  1. 1gadena says:

    @zcrosby lol! you dont try to make freinds so you never have to make a best man speech, that is the funniest thing i have ever heard! i actually cried laughing when i seen your post

  2. ohugitmeueffingc says:

    dogshit, absolute dogshit.

  3. madman808state says:

    this is okay, mine is far better!

  4. Willsr14 says:

    i watched this trying to not be judgemental, but after delivering my own best man speech at 15, i was tempted to see how others had done.. i am proud to say this was shit and mine was amazing.

  5. OmegaNova1 says:

    this is not funny at all

  6. lornski1234 says:

    This speech is so self-centred, it’s all about the bestman himself.

  7. hjbit says:

    this guy reminds me a bit of tim curry

  8. zcrosby says:

    good speech but terribly awkward. i would do a way worse job though…that’s why i don’t try to make friends….

  9. HereInMyLife says:

    He DOES say that it doesn’t contain any original material at 1:03

  10. monica9903 says:

    great speech is so funny,can you be my best man????????

  11. MANOFROCK1702234 says:


  12. FelipexProductions says:

    @LunaaaFelipaia53 …then get friends dumbass

  13. LunaaaFelipaia53 says:


  14. Italblessings says:

    @rashkins Hahahaha, That’s very funny.

  15. p3ob says:

    @88jabuka also is CZECH and SLOVAK . :) )

  16. 88jabuka says:

    its not hebrew, its croatian, NAZDRAVI. idiots

  17. williamcarpenter says:

    pour shit out of my grandmothers asshole. sux dix

  18. flsimx says:

    hes soo cuteeeeee

  19. TehWinnerz says:

    It bugs me that everytime I search “best man’s speech” this is championed by google and youtube as being the “funniest best man’s speech”.

    If by funniest you mean full of tired cliches and stolen jokes all delivered in a super awkward manner then I guess the description nailed it.

  20. CARTERBOYZZZ says:

    Search:New Graduation anthem – by (StarrGate feat.Kedash)High School

  21. spider112006 says:

    this was absolute shit

  22. hannahr77 says:

    no it’s mazel tov and is Hebrew

  23. rashkins says:

    He sounds very posh, the sort of very very fine chap that could easily become a British Army Officer based on the only criteria to become one. The ability to speak well, command zero respect and have the backbone to send his me on operation certain death whilst he sits in his tent.
    But like the Murphy’s, I’m not bitter!

  24. jabaqueen says:

    @milkmilkdairy He says in it “This is not my material”

  25. jabaqueen says:

    Of course it’s the british guy

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