Ceremony Processional March of Bridle Party A Haitian Wedding @ Paradise Banquet Hall Toronto GTA

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  1. Andothul says:

    The bride is stunningly beautiful

  2. rosyfox56 says:

    why arent girls smiling?

  3. renae6575 says:

    Love the steps….beautiful colors, just wish the girls smiled more

  4. LoveAfrica123 says:

    This is such a beautiful wedding, God bless you guys :)

  5. Mrbaltimore2001 says:

    so did the guy, and young lady who were in front leading the way, get married?

  6. hgoldbach says:

    Why is that girl like not smiling at all…?

  7. justinatanner22 says:

    soul train line

  8. lelebby239 says:

    when i first saw this video i thought that the little girl walking down the aisle was the bride. however in the other part to the video i found out that she isnt the bride!

  9. Denisehealthnut says:

    I’ve had to do that classic walk. Haitian people :) Love my peeps!

  10. PalaisCristalLLC says:

    Gotta love our 100% Haitian wedding procession, no one does it like us.

  11. gunhawkable says:

    what is the name of this son

  12. Singularbeing says:

    I wonder if Celion Dion knows how many devoted fans she has among the Haitian people :)

  13. blackboysports says:

    beautiful god bless! we need more black family and real chocolate/dark/brown skin black sons/kids in america in all the world! dark skin and black love are the best!

  14. kishac28 says:

    I love this I’m soooo copying!!

  15. vbzthibodeaux says:

    i love the song and entrance of bridal party i think when i get married i want my wedding to similar

  16. mgordone says:

    I thought that she was the bride too, but she is not , check out the other peice that follows and you will see the real bride. The young girl is her minibride.

  17. kerene1976 says:

    La premiere fille n’a pas l’air heureuse malgré les multiples regards que lui lançent son partenaire. Choré magnifique, robes sublimes, GRANDIOSE!!

  18. brenda0208able says:

    I love this! My son is marrying a beautiful Haitian yooung LADY! She is so beautiful and full of life and love.

  19. ashacjlmorris says:

    can my wedding be like this please..

  20. haitianpwencess says:

    @msdominance thats not the bride she’s the princess that announces that the bride is on her way

  21. msdominance says:

    OMG th bride looks so young !!!!!!!!!

  22. msdominance says:

    I love my Haitian people for this. we keep the entrances the same lol

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