Best Marriage Proposal EVER!!!!!

I have known my fiance Tracey for over 14 years and wanted to propose to her in a very unique way. Tracey thought we were just going to the movies on a Sunday afternoon. Little did she know, I had rented the entire theater and filled it with 160 of our friends and family. I made it seem as though we were showing up a little late to the movie and went in to the theater after the lights had gone down and the movie trailers were already playing. This was done to keep her from recognizing anyone in the theater. What I had done was make an entire movie trailer that had actors portraying both Tracey and I at different times in our lives, both present day and in the future. After a few trailers played including one for Lord of the Rings the one I had made started. Tracey thought it was just another trailer for a movie soon to be released. Tracey was just perplexed as to how many different things had similarities to our relationship, she kept nudging me throughout the trailer. Tracey had no idea this was a marriage proposal until the last three seconds of the trailer. Nine months earlier in September of 2006 I started by hiring a professional production team, and writing a script that would show what would go through someone’s mind (Tracey’s) if they were about to die. It is said “moments before you die your life flashes right before your eyes”. JUST A NOTE: Ever since Tracey was a young girl, she has had a reoccurring dream that she was going to die in a plane crash. Actors were

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  1. Tropicalsnowfall says:

    Um… What was this?

  2. dittzbaby says:

    Omg *tear*

  3. mtnshadid says:

    @FragglevisionReturns gladiator ending song

  4. FragglevisionReturns says:

    What’s the song at the end?

  5. sverre1990 says:

    name of song on 3:24 ?

  6. icewalldk says:

    @DebbyRyanForever1234 “Now, if only most guys were this sweet!” how can that refer to cheating? this = marriage proposal = u make no sense

  7. DebbyRyanForever1234 says:

    @icewalldk I never asked for your opinion on my comment. -_- And I was referring to cheaters, duh.

  8. icewalldk says:

    @DebbyRyanForever1234 comeon thats not fair to expect such proposal… this proposal was gr8 idd, but its not something every man can pull off, its took 9months (most men run away from there women when they known her that long), the trailer took alot of money (well women = time and money(u know the rest)) and with that knowledge he have of her u rly need to know our other ½ for a looong time

  9. DebbyRyanForever1234 says:

    Now, if only most guys were this sweet!

  10. TheMoonlight2887 says:

    @patchesndebbie: Oh, come on! It’s always the same. The desperate men using the same cheese “make me the happiest man in the world” sort of phrase. How could they ALL be the “happiest man”? And then, there’s the women shrieking, crying, “surprised”, but all the same sticking their hand out and loooking at nothing else but the little box, for the RING!!
    If they really loved each other, they wouldn’t need all this ridiculous patomime!!
    And, please, learn some syntax if you wish to keep posting!!

  11. patchesndebbie says:

    @TheMoonlight2887 , I cant believe you even left that on here.. Did you even read the reason he put that on here, read the description and you will understand.. I mean i didnt understand when i started watching but then read it and totally understood.. Personally i think this is sweet and I hope they have a great life together and if he went to this much work of putting this together for her.. I cant say he wont cheat because i dont know him but i doubt it.. Dont always presume the worst !

  12. TheMoonlight2887 says:

    I’ve seen this sort of proposals so many times before, they’re nothing special anymore. But this one is simply pathetic! A plane crash, really???!!! Well, that’s what’s going to happen to your relationship when she finds out you’ve cheated on her!

  13. TheTaurniOne says:

    How much did it cost for this whole shebang?

  14. themissgracefull says:

    was it just me or was the plane about to crash nearer the begginging…?

  15. m3my531f1 says:

    aww congratulations, nice proposal :D

  16. GreysonandMeyson says:

    @tony565565 I looked at your channel and continued to facepalm so hard that my hand broke off.

  17. stephwren12 says:

    @tony565565 HAHAAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA. i cannot TELL YOU how fucking dumb and ignorant you sound. lmfao.

  18. legolasisthebest says:

    Oh, my, G-d. Definitely best marriage proposal ever. Have a long and happy marriage.

  19. OliviaHorseLover109 says:

    Whats the song name, during the flashbacks? :D

  20. 3Lilylove says:

    this was beautiful! and all the people who disliked it and said nasty things probably have never been in love and never will be.

  21. tony565565 says:

    Marriage proposal IS OF THE DEVIL ITSELF!!! the female seed created by yahweh god is GONE!! no man ever proposed to women EVER on this earth till the 1700s. proof that none humans are using human bodies. you wife is your property just as a slave is your property!! marraige proposal been around about as long as cash value has been around Because BOTH ARE A SHAM!! destroy american , canada and europe!!

  22. ZeKrustyKrab says:

    My dad proposed to my mum in a tranny bar. :|

  23. weejor16 says:


  24. Gleek4Eva12 says:

    @ronelemon same here!! i had no clue what this was but i read the description and it all makes sense now!!

  25. jobrofan81 says:

    this was by far the WORST FUCKING PROPOSAL!

    i will not be seeing this movie.

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