Best Man’s Speech “A Toast to Joe and Jenny”

my best man’s speech at my big brother joe’s wedding! this is a toast to joe and jenny. they are so close that most would envy. and most who know these both have met me. i’m peter ho, joe’s little bro, you guessed it. I’m the best man. i thank you all for attending tonight if love is the message, then we’re sending it right and i don’t want no glass that’s empty in sight cause this is for my brother, and his beautiful wife see my brother is my hero, i’m not shy to say it my admiration is too much, you couldnt try to weigh it this speech is an honor, i’m glad it’s i who made it so i’ll try to rhyme away on this fine occasion but i’ll find a way to make it happen reminisce on times and days, up late, relaxin with my big brother tu, straight up laughin wrestling each other, playing video games, and chattin but now we’re grown, as i look back on the ride he taught me everything i know, and if i had to describe it he taught me wrong from right, some class, and some pride so thanks, enjoy your night, and have blast with your bride and jenny, i know you feel amazing tonight cause you looked stunning earlier today in the white and youre awesome in every single shading of light so i gotta thank your parents for raising you right. and me and mom and dad hope sincerely that as a couple, you live with no fears attached I hope you travel many lightyears and back to love health and happiness, cheers to that!

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All Type Of Wedding Speeches Guide... Explore Here For More Details...

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    aww how´╗┐ sweet!

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