Oskar’s & Caroline’s Wedding june 18th 2011 Best man speech Good evening and thank you all for coming out on this beautiful day. For those that don’t know Im arek and yes I am the best man for Oskar. As the best man I was told to give a speech. A wise man once said ” that the best man speech should be no longer than it takes for the groom to make love..” — In that case I’m way over my time… I’ll start off by saying that I am not the best man here tonight. The best man is indeed is Oskar. I’m just a really good friend here to say a few words about him. As tradition holds, I’m suppose to revile to caroline and to the rest of you, some of oskars deeps secrets. I made this list here … Point one: bachelor party in vegas …. Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, I can’t revile such secrets because I took part of many of these events and I don’t want to self incriminate myself. Sorry 12 years have passed since Oskar and I met. During that time we have become good friends, excellent business partners and role models for each other. Although our friendship at times was put to a test and our businesses often generated negative income and we infulenced each other in stupid ways, oskar has always proved to be true to himself and everyone around him. But, What amazes me most is Oskar’s ability to have great balance in life. He has time for caroline, time for his friends, even time for soccer. He is not getting married simply because he is lucky. He is here tonight because of the
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All Type Of Wedding Speeches Guide... Explore Here For More Details...

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